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Data Centre

Data Centre

At Logicalis, we are dedicated to the enterprise data centre. We have been providing enterprise data centre solutions for over 15 years and have a team of over 100 engineers experienced in enterprise data centre technologies.

Our Tier3+ facilities are some of the best in the UK, but, with a 2N design and supporting up to 32KW racks, we think that for virtual infrastructure hosting or high performance computing they are unbeatable.

You won't find a data centre environment, service portfolio or flexible contract model better designed for enterprise customers. Logicalis are dedicated to finding you a technical, solutions, and commercial model that meets your businesses requirements.

Logicalis HDDC Video

A short introduction to our high-density data centre (HDDC).

Infrastructure & Facilities

With a 2N design, our data centre brings significant service reliability and our totally separated power circuits and highly resilient plant infrastructure surpasses most other UK data centres. Designed with your IT equipment in mind, two independent power sources provide completely separate and resilient supplies. How many data centres like ours, are built entirely around your IT system requirements?

Our average loaded PUE is at 1.43 and with free air cooling the UK climate provides cooling for nearly 80% of the year.  Nobody wants to pay the environmental or energy price of inefficient design, and because our PUE defines our overall power usage efficiency, our highly efficient design is directly reflected in savings passed to our customers.  The environment gains and so does your finance director.


Logicalis have the security systems you would expect from an enterprise data centre, with discreet perimeter security not drawing attention to what’s held inside.  Our data centre is monitored in real time, with biometric security and high definition IP-CCTV bringing physical and personal security together to make access to your equipment secure all the way to the rack.

Our sites' electrical security and reliability are some of the best you will find, and, with a 2N design, no single system failure will cause an outage to your mission critical IT systems.  Our data centres don’t have emergency stop buttons, and even in the case of a fire, your equipment will continue to run while our fire suppressant systems remedy the situation.


Our goal isn’t to sell you an inflexible contract based on the number of racks you need for the next 1, 3 or 5 years.  Our expectation is that you will want service and contractual flexibility.

Want to move all of your existing legacy equipment to our facilities and then start the journey to Cloud?  We expect you will.  We can build a flexible contract, giving you the freedom to transfer your application workloads to our Intel or High Performance computing Clouds as you retire your existing infrastructure.

Want to bring your existing server infrastructure, but not have to build a new network or continue to buy and own your own storage infrastructure? We expect you will.  Our data centre comes as standard with network as a service, internet as a service, storage a service and compute as a service.  You can bring as much of your existing legacy equipment as you want, and use our enterprise class services to fill in the gaps.

Want to free up the time of your own highly skilled teams, and have somebody else manage your own infrastructure for you?  We expect you will.  Logicalis’ UK managed service centres offer our data centre colocation and managed hosting customers a range of services, from simple hands on, to 24x7 managed infrastructure and platform services.

High Density

Our high density racks will cut your infrastructure costs by anywhere up to 30% because you’ll need less network ports to connect your servers and storage, and most of those can be copper, sometimes only 10% of the cost of fiber connections.  And because we charge by the KW and not the floor space you use, your colocation bill will be cheaper than using low density facilities.


Logicalis has two diversely routed, dedicated entry paths to the site. We are carrier neutral and can meet whatever bandwidth our customers require and can provide a managed Internet connectivity service.

  • Carrier neutral facility with excellent access to multiple service provides
  • Full range of services available including dark fibre
  • High speed Internet connectivity
  • Fully diverse duct entry paths
  • Twin dedicated Meet Me Rooms providing secure telco handover
  • Connectivity to JANET (Joint Academic Network)